Intuitive Doodling Workshop

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Learn a fun tool to connect to your higher self, Intuitive Doodling!

Intuitive Doodling is a fun tool connecting you with your higher wisdom and allowing you to solve your problems outside of your head. It’s also a form of channeling.  We are connecting with a situation, getting an answer, and bringing that through the ethers, into your body, and down onto paper.

1. Explain the Intuitive Doodling process. 

2. Lead us through the colour meditation (20 min). 

3. Do our own drawings and help us decode. 

After this workshop you will learn this simple tool and 

  • Be able to easily connect to your higher self and get guidance or answers through a 3 step simple doodling process/practise on your own. 
  • Discover your individual colour meanings that will be used to decode our own Intuitive doodles.

  • Decode your own drawings using your colour meanings.

Anyone can learn this easy 3 step method, no art experience is needed - only an open mind and 12 colour pastels, crayons or pencils and blank sheet of paper.  Included is a chart to be printed to list colour meanings (please print and have ready as well as all colour tools listed).