I consider myself creator, rather than an artist.

Creating is more expansive, limitless, and an adventure. Think of it as living art.

I studied creativity and earned a MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership. I learned that everyone is creative in their own way, art is one way. I am a highly creative being and love to explore, wander, imagine and create a life I desire.

I began intuitive painting as a morning meditation. It was my intention to find MY way to meditate, to be more present, to listen/hear my intuitive voice and connect with higher energy yet unexpectedly it became so much more even a metaphor for life. Part of my process is letting go and non-attachment to the outcome; energy flows through me to create freely and effortlessly.

After an overwhelming response to my paintings, I hear from people that my creations touched them in ways that I never imagined. I feel it's my gift to others to be able to offer my paintings for purchase. I sell the originals, available for a short time span before I paint over them as part of my letting go and mindfulness practice. This allows me to continue enjoying this creative process as well as accommodate purchase requests. I seem to inspire others which brings me great joy and purpose.

I am always exploring and expanding my creating; I can only hope to raise the vibration of humanity with my creation
I invite you to explore my creations. Thank you for being interested.  

Linda xo





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